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Sarah C:  “Dianne is a talented reader that I have enjoyed receiving readings from her the past year. She always tunes into what is going on in my life and gives me thoughtful and insightful advice. She has strong intuition as well as extensive knowledge and natural ability regarding tarot. I always look forward to my readings with her!”


Kay H: “I reached out to Dianne when I was having some issues knowing I needed some outside assistance for guidance. I asked Dianne for a reading and she was spot on with all her insight. She really helped clarify the questions and concerns I was having. I will absolutely be doing another reading as well as recommending her services to everyone I know.”

EJ L: “I have never had a reading before so I didn’t really know what to expect. She didn’t know any backstory about what was going on in my life but she was able to pin point exactly where I needed to shift the situation and improve the outcome and gave me some advice on how to change the situation for the better. I wasn’t really a believer but I am now.”

Julie R: “My reading with Dianne was insightful and surprisingly synchronous. She answered my question and shared extra insights I didn’t know I needed to hear. It was definitely an enlightening experience.”

Kris G: “Dianne completed my tarot certification course and impressed me from the very first day. She is naturally intuitive, a quick study, and was tuned into the energy of our group - even offering reiki to those that felt overwhelmed. I recently had a reading from Dianne and was excited  to see she used the techniques we learned in class, but equally impressed she put her own intuitive spin on her readings. The guidance I received was on-point, insightful, and heartfelt. Dianne has excellent delivery that can comfort, but also be direct when needed. I highly recommend Dianne if you are looking for someone who will take time to explain the guidance you need to hear.”

Sarah H: “Dianne has a true gift of healing others. Her energy is powerful and she is exceptional at guiding others to reach their desired goals; particularly those on a spiritual path.”

Edgar M: “Dianne combines intuition, astrology, and her knowledge of oracle cards to customize your reading. She reads with an honest voice and big heart, and she works from years of experience with tarot and other card sets!”

John L: “Dianne’s intuition is her biggest asset when performing readings. Her experience with reading Tarot is only half of her talent. The other half is built on her natural ability to use spiritual energy to provide clear vision to us at points of crossroads. Very detailed and knowledgeable in the ancient art!

Mona V: A number of years ago, I met someone who did a tarot card reading. At the time, I was very skeptical because I was uncertain that he was a professional. About a month ago, I met Dianne Mattucci through a mutual connection. She came highly recommended for tarot card reading. For the last few months and perhaps years, I have been struggling professionally and trying to find the right job for me or my true calling. I thought a natal chart reading was enough to help me through the process. As 2020 was ending and stressed, I decided to have a tarot card reading. The moment I logged into the meeting, I was amazed at her professionalism, knowledge, and ability to read people she does not know. Every second was utilized with information about what was happening in my life, what I needed to do to break the cycle, as well as options for healing. Dianne offers clear explanations of what the cards say. I was amazed and wished for more time. I will definitely continue to partner with Dianne throughout my life.”

Sirena D “I loved working with Dianne! Her Earthy energy is stabilizing, grounding and builds a connection of trust. Her insight helped me get through a very tough time in my journey at the end of 2020. She guided me through all the cards and how they could manifest in my life. Grateful for her intuitive insight!”

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