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Close up of young woman at crystal heali

Intuitive Tarot Reading

A therapeutic approach to tarot reading to provide healing, validation and confirmation on a number of life themes. Readings are intuitive and allow time for self-reflection and healing on all levels. 

30 mins $60  45 mins $75  60 mins $90

Energy Balancing Massage

An intuitivel blend of massage therapy, Reiki and crystals placed on all the chakra points to enhance relaxation and wellbeing. Fully customized to your unique needs. Essential oils may be added at no additional cost. Leave feeling calm, grounded and balanced. 

60 mins $100 90 mins $140

Cupping Massage

A therapeutic blend of cupping and massage therapy. Silicone cups are placed in target areas and used to break up knots and fascial restriction. This is a deep tissue and therapeutic-style massage to target problem areas and release tension. Not recommended for sensitive skin or those looking to relax. 45 min $95  60 min $110  90min $140

NEW! Intentional Deep Tissue

Slow, intentional strokes to unwind the nervous system and provide relief to the deeper layers of muscle fibers, fascia and tendons. For those who are looking for more depth and pain relief. 

45 min $85, 60 mins $100 & 75 mins $125

Reiki Energy Healing

Align, balance and clear your energy with crystals placed on all the chakra points while healing hands are guided along energy pathways to provide peace, calm and wellbeing. A perfect choice for those looking to deeply relax and recharge their energy from stress or trauma. 30 mins $60  45 mins $75  60 mins $90   90 mins $130

Therapeutic Massage

A highly skilled blend of appropriate depth/pressure/techniques such as stretches, myofascial release, swedish massage, deep tissue and trigger point therapy. Fully customized to what your body needs to relieve pain and tension.

45 min $85  60 mins $100  90 mins $140

Botanical Massage

A therapeutic massage with topical full-spectrum CBD from Virgo Moon. Locally made in Mechanic Falls, ME. Great for pain relief and to reduce soreness, stiffness and inflammation. Also helps to reduce stress within the whole body.

60min $100  90min $140

More offerings are available on the booking site! 

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