Close up of young woman at crystal heali
Dianne has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Therapeutic Tarot Reading

A therapeutic approach to tarot reading to provide healing, validation and confirmation on a number of life themes. Readings are highly therapeutic and allow time for self-reflection and healing on all levels.

30 mins $58 | 60 mins $88

Energy Balancing Massage

A blissful blend of massage therapy, Reiki/Energy work and crystals placed on all the chakra points to enhance relaxation and wellbeing. Fully customized to your unique needs. 60 mins $88 | 90 mins $128


Energy Alchemy

A fully customized energy healing treatment based on your goals and intentions. Energy work helps to find the root cause of many mental, emotional and energetic distruption in the energy system. 30 mins $58 | 60 mins $88 | 90 mins $128

Intuitive Massage

An intuitive blend of appropriate pressure, stretches, myofascial release, swedish massage strokes and trigger point techniques. Fully customized to your unique needs.

60 mins $88 | 90 mins $128