Moon Magick

Moon Magick is a twice monthly virtual gathering in honor of every New and Full Moon. Dianne brings various spiritual modalities i.e tarot readings, Reiki, sound therapy, cosmic talk and much more  to each event and works with the planetary energies and alignments to keep things fresh and exciting. Moon Magick is fun and interactive. Participation is encouraged! Now on Zoom!

New Moon Capricorn: 2021 Virtual Vision Board!



Let's craft our own virtual 2021 vision board together while setting New Moon intentions. Capricorns are considered the most work-centric, and driven of the zodiac signs. Let's all harness this energy and conjure up success in 2021. Capricorns are also earth signs that are typically rational and calculating in all endeavors. What practical plan or vision would you like to project for the next 5 years? Now is the time to set those wheels in motion. All participants will also receive a one card reading to help set our new year intentions + Crystal Magick will be performed to elevate and enhance our intentions for bigger and better things.

This workshop is limited to the first 10 participants to claim a spot. This fun and interactive workshop is donation-based (energy exchange). Any amount is greatly appreciated and makes these events and more possible. Send a donation to Venmo @gothwitchtarot or PayPal to register. Please inclue email address so a Zoom link can be sent.

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